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SOURCE OF PROTEIN. Lotus seed is valuable for nutrition and healing material in Chinese, and used as herbal formulas in most recipes. This plant usually produces stunning pink flower flowers between June and September. The word “makhana” is used in India to refer to both the roasted edible prickly water lily seeds (also known as fox nut or Gorgon nut) and roasted lotus seeds. The stems can grow as large as 3 feet tall and can have a spread of nearly 5 feet across. Try yourself to see why! The water lily aka white water lily is a perennial plant that as the name implies grows in water environments. But is it safe to eat them during pregnancy? The low-calorie Ayurvedic snack has been eaten for many years in India and China but have only recently popped their way to the West. In this MomJunction post, we tell you whether or not it is safe to eat Makhana during pregnancy, how to consume it and its side-effects if any. Stands of lotus drop hundreds of thousands of seeds every year to the bottom of the pond. Finally, slow roasting and seasoning. 60 pieces = 28g. MINDFUL SNACKING. The primary difference between the seeds is that water lily seeds can be naturally processed into light, puffy, airy Makhana, which is like popcorn, but corn free with a plethora of health benefits. Serving Size. pieces. They are also known as Makhana, and are seeds of the Euryale Ferox, a water lily plant that grows in India .Recommended by the ancient Indian holistic healing science called Ayurveda, these Popped Water Lily Seeds are a delicious plant-based puffed snack. Though lily pads spread relatively slowly, they can eventually take over entire shorelines and are considered invasive in some areas. These seeds known as Lotus Nuts. 1%. Total Fat 4g. $2.99 Sold Out Sweet Chili. They cannot tolerate water temperatures below 60 F and most will fail to thrive in water temperatures below 70 F. Tropical water lilies tend to have larger and more colorful flowers that are held on stalks above the water. VEGAN-FRIENDLY . This is due to the presence of toxic alkaloids in all parts of the plant, which deter herbivory. Nevertheless, both seeds have a similar appearance, nearly identical nutritional profiles, and both can be fed to babies. HIMALAYAN PINK SALT. Snails and slugs may benefit from feeding on the leaves, but rarely do so enough to damage the plants. Water lily health benefits have not been extensively researched, however several studies have suggested potential medicinal uses for this aquatic plant, such as: Regulating insulin levels. $2.99 Sold Out White Cheddar. Bold taste- Endless benefits. Makhana is plain, popped, and roasted seeds of fox nut or lotus plant with widespread culinary use. Includes 0g Added Sugars. collecting, sorting, and grading. The Pink Water Lily which is also referred to as Pink Darwin Water Lily is scientifically known as Nymphaea darwin or water lily nymphaea. 123-456-7890 | chakrasnack@gmail.com. Popped water lily seeds are a natural product free of all major allergans and a superfood. SRIRACHA SPICE. Expanding and popping these. If you decide to start your tropical water lilies or hardy water lilies by seed, find a mature adult water lily plant to harvest seeds from, and you will need a plastic bag, paper towels, garden soil, a small hand shovel, white sand, and several containers. It is often colloquially called a water lily. Nutrition Facts. AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK Try every flavor from the show with the Bohana popped water lily seed variety pack! Water lilies disperse their seeds in pods. Calories % Daily Value* 6%. Makhana, or popped water lily seeds, have been eaten on the Indian subcontinent as a nutritious snack for thousands of years. What’s next? AYURVEDIC SUPER FOOD Popped Water Lily Seeds have been consumed in India for thousands of years due to their superfood nutritional benefits and delicious, satisfying flavor. Water fowl such as ducks eat the plant's seeds, while other animals and birds such as beavers, deer and muskrats feed on the plant's rhizomes, which are rich in starch, sugar and leaves. the freshest water lilies. Root is alterative, anodyne, antiseptic, astringent and demulcent. Beautiful. Learn how to grow waterlilies in your garden with the RHS expert guide on choosing, planting, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. There are two kinds of Water Lilies, the White and the Yellow. He started his career as a research writer, primarily focusing on health and wellness, and has over 250 articles to his credit. WATER LILY SEED PUFFS. It spread to other locations, however, already in ancient times, like the Indian Subcontinent and Thailand. But even if we know the uses of the plant, one should also know which part of the plant could be used. Harvested from an Indian water lily plant, roasted until crunchier than popcorn, and beaming with health benefits, popped water lily seeds sound like a snack in a fantasy world — but they are very real. Popped Water Lily Seeds w/ Wild White Cheddar. Even better, cultivating water lily seeds could be a boon for environmental sustainability as well. These seeds have been used in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years as they are believed to have a number of health benefits. Made from the popped fox-nut seed, a pond based plant from the Water Lily … Lily Puffs® are puffed water lily seeds that are lightly roasted and seasoned with high quality ingredients to deliver a delicious snack. It can be leaves, fruits, flowers, stem, seeds or the roots too. Lotus plants are adapted to grow in the flood plains of slow-moving rivers and delta areas. But first a little bit about identifying the plant. 5% Saturated Fat 1g Trans Fat 0g. Protein 3g. We will be coming out with some exciting flavors and your taste buds will keep asking for more! FREE SPIRIT SNACKING Low calorie & high volume with 6gs of plant based protein (50% more per serving than popcorn!) Nutritionally, these seeds are rich in antioxidants, high in minerals and have a low-fat content as compared to other snacks. Then comes the fun part. Pink Water Lily. Physical Management of Water Lily. We watch you dig into the coolest, tastiest snack ever! Dietary Fiber 1g Total Sugars 1g. Products To Physically Manage Water Lily- Lily Pad Ripper . Water lilies and their surface lily pads can blanket areas of water as deep as six feet. There are both day- and night-blooming varieties. Zephyr lilies, and all rain lilies for that matter, are quite resistant to pests. Its original habitat may have been along the Nile and other locations in East Africa. GLUTEN FREE. Lotus seeds, however, are consumed more similarly to roasted corn nuts or pumpkin and sunflower seeds, where the seed remains close to the form it was harvested in. 10%. Facts, Benefits & Uses of Zephyr Lily. 4%. Sold Out Pink Himalayan Salt. Traditional uses and benefits of American White water lily. Les Straud, also known as Survivorman, made famous the water lily to the survival community. Bohana offers plant-based, non-gmo, paleo, vegan, low calorie popped snacks. In the Indian state of Bihar where most of the supply is cultivated, it’s possible that a bigger market for makhana would incentivize the protection of the the threatened wetlands where water lilies grow. Tea made from the roots is used in the treatment of TB, chronic bronchial complaints, diarrhea, dysentery, gastrointestinal inflammation, gonorrhea, vaginal discharge, inflamed glands, mouth sores and to stop bleeding. Low in calories, lotus seeds are a choice of snack for the health-conscious crowd. Description: Nymphoea Alba. Then we move on to. In some cases, one part of the plant may be edible while another may be toxic. Water lily edible, fact or fiction? Health Benefits of Water Lily. Lotus seed is popular from their nutrition and benefits as healing property. A CLEAN LABEL. Water lilies reproduce both by way of seeds and by the spreading of their tenacious roots, or rhizomes. 6%. This plant grows the seeds in August or September. $2.99 View all 6 products Simple ingredients- just seeds & seasonings. It is a wild and abundant crop which is now the main agricultural crop of the State of Bihar, India. PACKED WITH AMINO ACIDS Popped Water Lily Seed Snack. Water Lily (Nymphaea alba) is an aquatic plant water lily that has many medical benefits ranging from lung conditions, gastrointestinal conditions and skin conditions. FREE SPIRIT SNACKING … The lotus flower creates edible seeds, which can be eat in raw or cooked. Total Carbohydrate 18g. My all-time favorite black seed oil, made from seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, has antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and also antioxidant properties. Euryale ferox (common names prickly waterlily, fox nut, foxnut, gorgon nut or makhana) is the only extant species in the genus Euryale.It is a flowering plant classified in the water lily family, Nymphaeaceae, although it is occasionally regarded as a distinct family, Euryalaceae.Unlike other water lilies, the pollen grains of Euryale have three nuclei. Water lily extracts have been shown to keep the levels of insulin in the body stable, preventing blood sugar fluctuations. Water lily seeds are light, fluffy and have the same popcorn crunch when you first bite into it. Now, thanks to entrepreneur and crunch enthusiast Priyal Bhartia, co-founder and COO of Bohana, these little pearls of healthy, sustainable goodness have hit the market.And frankly, all we want is more. Isn’t it? Lotus seeds or fox nut is the seed of the prickly water lily plant. BUY NOW. RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS. The Lily Pad Ripper is the only manual tool that full kills Water Lillies because it digs down and rips open the roots. They also used the plant to treat digestive problems and fried up the seeds as a snack. Water Lily Pops are produced by roasting the seeds of the Water Lily flower found in the ponds at the foot of the Himalayas. Wild White Cheddar, Soulful Sriracha Spice & Pink Himalayan Salt. Step 1 - Collect Seeds from Water Lilies . Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the Blue Egyptian water lily or sacred blue lily, is a water-lily in the genus Nymphaea. Try yourself to see why! their pea-sized kernels. Our snacks are all about plant based goodness! All natural, plant based, delicious, high energy snacks made from popped water lily seeds. There are many Yellow Pond Lily benefits and uses. The best Makhana snack! Cholesterol 2mg. Water Lily has a root system which means the roots need to be destroyed to prevent the plant from coming back. Water lily, lotus, and other flowering aquatic plants are lovely and beautiful that they have now been used to create ponds, patios, and beautify the environment. and spices. Sodium 230mg. They're a superfood with light and crunchy puff texture.AshaPops are hand-made & dry-roasted here in Los Angeles. Hence, you should know which part of the plant is used for a particular need. The original popped water lily seeds. Our Lily Puffs® are high in B vitamins, magnesium, and contain 12 essential amino acids. 120. $2.99 Sold Out Super Turmeric. Native Americans used both the seeds and rhizomes in salves to treat tumors and open sores. AYURVEDIC SUPER FOOD Popped Water Lily Seeds have been consumed in India for thousands of years due to their superfood nutritional benefits and delicious, satisfying flavor. 0%. them with the right herbs. to the size of a large popcorn. If you are looking to grow them but skeptical about which to pick, especially between water lily vs lotus, an understanding of … Amount Per Serving. LILY,—WATER.

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