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Your Mediterranean Master Bathroom stock images are ready. And here! The completely redone residence features many marvelous features: a kitchen with two islands four decks with elegant railings, a music studio, a workout room with a view, three bedrooms, three lovely full baths and two half, a home office – all driven by a digitally connected Smart Home. Just check them once at a site. This is a comfortable and relaxing Mediterranean-style bathroom with a cushioned stool in the middle of the terracotta flooring tiles that are mostly covered by a brown area rug. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. modern mediterranean mosaic bathroom. Mediterranean Master Bathroom Decor Ideas The typical flooring used in Mediterranean master bedroom ideas is tile flooring, for example, the beautiful terracotta tiles. Bath - maliksajawal_asad, Photo of a mid-sized mediterranean master bathroom in Miami with recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, a drop-in tub, an alcove shower, beige tile, blue tile, blue walls, beige floor, a hinged shower door, a two-piece toilet, stone tile, limestone floors, an undermount sink and granite benchtops.淋浴间半高围墙上加玻璃 - mia_yung, Trusted home professionals turn ideas into reality. Crystal Cove Master Bathroom View Lighting is comprehensive and elegantly folded into the ceiling. It's also an easy and fun design due to the many different techniques, influences, and combinations available. With its easy and secure wall mount, the Mediterranean mirror installs in minutes and creates a beautiful mirror in any bathroom, living room, salon, restaurant and anywhere you would like to have a mirror. This green marble material contrasts the bright orange textured wainscoting. The glass-enclosed shower area stands in the corner beside the white porcelain bathtub that contrasts the brown marble inlay. When we bought the house, we thought we could live with the Magnolia wallpaper, the 38-year-old vanity and closets in the master bathroom — until we moved in and “lived” it. This tub is placed in a small nook by the row of windows with the same frame as the door. We add new designs every week. In the middle of the cove ceiling hangs a charming chandelier that matches the aesthetic of the two dark wooden structures on either side of this Mediterranean-style bathroom. Master Bathroom. Others may have a French flair with ornate chandeliers, gold fixtures, and beautiful chairs and ottomans for relaxation. Thank you for visiting. Rajat Mittal Shah wrote: 6 February 2017. Throughout we have incorporated the finest fittings, fixtures, hardware and finishes. Some of the best designs include a separate chamber for placing the Jacuzzi. What is a Double Handle Faucet (Benefits? This simple Mediterranean-style primary bathroom is complemented by its cloudy green walls that go well with the white countertop of the wooden two-sink vanity and the two small white pillars that flank the bathtub inlaid with the same beige tiles as the flooring. Bathroom - large mediterranean master gray floor and brick wall bathroom idea in Other with beige walls and a hinged shower door Mediterranean - sdkahle. This is across from the two-sink vanity with the same countertop and has beige cabinets and drawers blending with the floor and walls. The row of French windows that dominate the bathtub’s nook provides an abundance of natural lighting that makes the tub and its two flanking white pillars shine. On either side of this tub are the two entrances to the shower area next to white wooden vanities topped with large wall-mounted mirrors. Spanish-style style bathroom design takes its cues from casual, comfortable and welcoming design developed through many centuries in the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea. On the far side is a freestanding bathtub underneath the window. These lead to a large bathtub inlaid by the curved row of a window at the far end. This drapery works well with the cathedral ceiling that has a mural of windows filled with a blue sky. This collection features a wide variety of Mediterranean bathroom designs which range in some smaller sub-styles. This gives a consistent background for the glass-enclosed shower area and the bathtub beside it that is topped with a simple white chandelier. Blog about home interior,living room design,bathroom design,kitchen design,dining room design,garden design,bedroom design A Mediterranean-style primary bathroom accounts for 2.02%, or 22,039, of the 1,091,335 bathrooms we analyzed, which places it in the center of the pack for popularity. The two black decorative vases flanking the bathtub are placed on small ledges on either side of it. The primary bathroom is equipped with a deep soaking tub, dual sink vanity and a walk-in shower reflected in the frameless mirror in between the vanity mirrors that have matching dark brown frames to pair with the vanity. Littleton Spa Bathroom. This is a classy bathroom with a large wooden structure for the vanity and a freestanding bathtub in the middle adorned with potted plants. These are also complemented by the three white French windows above the bathtub that is housed with black marble that makes the white tub stand out. These two vanities are adorned with ornate wall lamps that match with the large chandelier hanging in the middle by the freestanding bathtub across from the vanities. Blue is also an important color in Mediterranean design, as it mimics the feel of the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful Mediterranean-style bathroom has a mirrored door in the middle of a mirror wall that matches with the mirrors of the vanity and bathtub that are both accented with a brown marble material that stands out against the brightness of the bathroom. Master Bath with double person shower, shower benches, free standing tub and double vanity. Across from this is the lovely wall artwork of the bathtub paired with a couple of candelabras. These earthy hues match the brown patterned wallpaper and the wooden cabinets and drawers of the vanities. This simple yet lovely bathroom has the same gray patterns to its marble floor, walls, and the countertop of the vanity beside the toilet. The style moves from whimsical to "girlie", from traditional to eclectic. Save Photo. Reunion FL. By SINGLEPOINT DESIGN BUILD INC. Master Bath with double person shower, … This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. The light gray flooring tiles of this Mediterranean-style primary bathroom have patterns of small black tiles that suit the black fixtures of the white freestanding bathtub. These ledges extend to the countertop of the wooden vanities with dark intricate handles on its cabinets and drawers matching the vases. This spacious bathroom has enough space for a dark wooden island in the middle of its textured beige flooring. The idea behind this design is to create a formal-like setting but in a usable way. Modern Mediterranean Master Bathroom - Mediterráneo - Cuarto de baño - Filadelfia - de SF Design LLC. This brilliant primary bathroom is illuminated by the row of narrow windows at the alcove of the bathtub that is inlaid with the same light gray material as the countertops of the two vanities placed on either side of the bathtub alcove making their large mirrors blend with the windows. By … The black and brown marble housing of the bathtub stands out against the light gray flooring. The bright orange marble material stands out in this elegant Mediterranean-style bathroom. If you want to see what our house looked like before: click here! We hope you find your inspiration here. Design ideas for a mid-sized mediterranean master bathroom in Sydney with flat-panel cabinets, medium wood cabinets, a freestanding tub, beige tile, black and white tile, cement tile, a vessel sink, black floor, brown benchtops, a corner shower, a one-piece toilet, grey walls, porcelain floors, engineered quartz benchtops and a hinged shower door.vanity one shallow and two deep drawers - webuser_988803960, Design ideas for a mid-sized mediterranean master bathroom in Sydney with flat-panel cabinets, distressed cabinets, a freestanding tub, a one-piece toilet, grey walls, an integrated sink, marble benchtops, grey floor, beige benchtops and ceramic floors.By Lifestyle Home Designs The elliptical white porcelain bathtub is housed with patterned small tiles on its side and its curved wall to provide a complex background for the two flanking entryways into the shower area that has the same beige marble as the flooring. This is also applied to the bathtub housing. Enjoy! These fabulous bathrooms are sure to inspire you to weave warming Mediterranean influences into your bathroom designs. - webuser_651147007, Encaustic tiles with bespoke backlit feature. The wooden vanity of this Mediterranean-style bathroom has such an elegant design and hue to it that makes it stand out against the beige countertop that matches with those of the bathtub and the tiles of the floor that extend to the glass-enclosed shower area. 2020 Mar 23 - Mediterranean Master Bathroom Ideas - Mediterranean Master Bathroom Ideas It’s called for its Costa Brava littoral surroundings. This bathtub housing matches the countertops of the dark wood vanities that contrast the beige walls illuminated by the recessed lights and the large frosted glass pendant light over the tub. The two-sink vanity of this elegant primary bathroom is topped with two wall lamps that are mounted directly on the wide frame-less mirror. The white luxurious bathtub is housed in a small platform with the same brown tiles as the floor and the same wooden siding as the wooden L-shaped vanity on the far corner. Honed and polished Italian marble, limestone, volcanic tiles and rough hewn posts and beams give character to this once rather plain home. The open floor plan and wall to wall windows allow for the parent's watchful eye while you create lots of family memories. — Houzz. Benefits? Valjeane1949 > Mediterranean Mansion > Master Bathroom (24 of 32) Play As. The idea behind this design is to create a formal-like setting but in a usable way. This spacious bathroom has an elliptical bathtub placed by the window and topped with a chandelier. This is bordered by a line of patterned tiles just before the brown marble tiles of the bathtub’s backsplash. This beautiful bathroom looks like a bedroom at first glance due to the white cloth drapery that adorns the bathtub making it look like a four-poster bed. On the other side of this toilet is the glass door of the walk-in shower area. Mosaic tiles can also create ornate designs on walls and floors in this type of bathroom, and they’re the 4th most popular wall covering for primary bathrooms of the 259,595 bathrooms we analyzed, found in 17,635, or 6.79%, of them. Mediterranean Master Bath Mediterranean style bathroom showcasing an onyx sink resting on a rustic vanity from the Ronbow Portland Collection. Small Bathroom With Shower; Wall Niche; Modern Shower Design; Bathroom Shower; Mediterranean Bathrooms; Bathrooms; This photo has 1 question. Types of bathrooms:  Primary Bathrooms | Powder Rooms, Related: All types of Mediterranean homes. The bright white marble tiles are paired with complex patterned light gray decorative tiles that are applied to the wall above the freestanding bathtub’s backsplash, on the shower area flooring and the middle of the floor. In fact, the Mediterranean style uses plenty of earth tones including beige, browns, dark reds and mustard yellows. Mediterranean House Plans Englewood are perfect for a couple with children. The dark wooden vanity and its cabinets and drawers are placed across from the bathtub that is housed with the same beige marble as the floors and the shower area beside it. Details Quick Look Save Plan Remove Plan #136-1031. This matches with the countertop of the vanity that has a couple of black sinks topped with wide frame-less mirrors. We love our bedroom and we wanted to love our bathroom too! We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. This is an example of a small mediterranean master bathroom in San Francisco with a freestanding tub, a shower/bathtub combo, ceramic tile, white walls, mosaic tile floors, a wall-mount sink, a shower curtain, white benchtops, blue tile and turquoise floor.bathtub at an angle with shelf in corner - rnzoef15, Photo of a large mediterranean master bathroom in Other with raised-panel cabinets, medium wood cabinets, beige tile, stone tile, a freestanding tub, beige walls, limestone floors and beige floor.Colours and textures. In our gallery, you’ll notice that many Mediterranean master bathroom design ideas are luxurious, yet very functional. Master Bathroom. Master Bathroom. Master Bath with double person shower, shower benches, free standing tub and double vanity. Worth It? This is placed in a small nook at the corner beside the walk-in glass-enclosed shower area. Mediterranean Master Bathroom In this bathroom collaboration with Carly Moeller of Unpatterned, we achieved Carly’s design by using painted and natural cabinetry from our Starmark line of cabinets. This applies to the Mediterranean bathroom too as you are going to see below. The style may be too ornate for some, but for others, it offers an excellent balance between functionality and high-end finishes and designs. Mediterranean baths combine earthen surfaces, rustic finishes, antique furnishings, and sunset hues to create serenely welcoming retreats. The black bathtub is inlaid with matching black tiles for consistency extending to the flooring tiles of this Mediterranean-style bathroom that is topped with a beige and black area rug. The beige walls of this large bathroom are illuminated by the natural lights coming in from the French glass doors that match with the French windows above the bathtub on the far wall. This chic and elegant Mediterranean-style bathroom has a light blue velvet cushioned ottoman that matches the hue of the walls brightened by the shuttered white windows above the bathtub and contrasted by the dark brown ceiling. Details Quick Look Save Plan Remove Plan #175-1134. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. The Mediterranean can be a fun style with different paths you can take depending on the culture you want to embody. But the arced curve of Fotografías: Mauricio FuertesMid-sized mediterranean master bathroom in Barcelona with ceramic tile, light hardwood floors, flat-panel cabinets, light wood cabinets, gray tile, multi-coloured tile, white tile, grey walls, a trough sink, beige floor and grey benchtops.Tiles - webuser_722435748, Dino Tonn PhotographyMid-sized mediterranean master bathroom in Phoenix with raised-panel cabinets, dark wood cabinets, limestone benchtops, beige tile, an alcove shower, an undermount sink, beige walls, limestone floors, an undermount tub, a one-piece toilet and limestone.Nice Mediterranean look and feel - did_it_anyway. Find image gallery of 20 luxury bathrooms from top designers to get inspired today. Photos © John Sutton Photography These are all complemented by the exposed wooden beams of the ceiling as well as the shuttered windows. Interestingly, brown and beige are the 1st and 4th most popular colors to use in the 948,786 bathrooms we analyzed, with brown taking the number one spot in 39.67% of the bathrooms and beige in 11.75%. The long two-sink vanity follows the lay of the curved wall with its light gray cabinets and drawers as well as its vanity mirrors. The Mediterranean style is unique and has a very luxurious look as you could see from our last collection of 16 Charming Mediterranean Kitchen Designs That Will Mesmerize You. This is topped with a row of wall-mounted lamps that cast a warm yellow light that matches the recessed lights over the shower area. Most Mediterranean bathroom designs stick to more subtle color schemes, though, with a beige or brown bathroom being the most common. What is a Flush Mount Sink? The white arched ceiling of this primary bathroom goes well with the beige walls. The small floor space is maximized in this Mediterranean-style primary bathroom. We encourage you to check out our photo gallery of Mediterranean primary bathroom design ideas to see all the different looks this style can entail. It’s common to see blue mosaic tiles on walls or in the shower, or even blue painted walls, in a Mediterranean-style primary bathroom. Related House Plans #106-1283. The Mediterranean style is perfect for bedrooms because of it's warm and inviting decor that offers classical, modern, and eloquent options. It’s not really a surprise that beige is a very popular color for Mediterranean style primary bathrooms. The best of them is the Mediterranean Bathroom Designs. These work well with the green walls that complement the white marble tiles of the floor and the bathtub housing. This is a warm and spacious bathroom with a couple of vanities flanking the door. Both of these have the same beige countertop that works well with the Mediterranean-style bathroom. It’s common for Mediterranean-style primary bathrooms to have built-in desks, walk-in showers, relaxing sofas and lounge chairs, and more, to create a space that you can use for even more than just a bathroom. For example, you can find Mediterranean bathroom designs which are built in an older, more traditional style as opposed to the other designs you can find which are built in the more up to date, contemporary Mediterranean style. The elegant small chandelier that has a spherical design casts a white light that blends with the natural lights coming in from the window above the freestanding bathtub. Using Starmark gave us the customization needed to have the vanity cabinets built at just the right height for the mirrored window doors to clear the beautiful plumbing fixtures chosen for this job. The gray marble flooring of this primary bathroom is complemented by the wallpaper and the gray ceiling that hangs a chandelier over the vanity area that has two sinks and white cabinetry. We work with many professional designers, builders, and real estate websites who submit their photos to us. Morgan Hill-MurphyDesign ideas for a mediterranean master bathroom in London with a vessel sink, wood benchtops, a freestanding tub, multi-coloured tile, stone tile, multi-coloured walls, multi-coloured floor and brown benchtops.the feature wall of bright tiles against the white - rebecca_giles49, Photograph By: Lori Hamilton PhotographyDesign ideas for a mediterranean master bathroom in Miami with furniture-like cabinets, beige cabinets, a drop-in tub, beige tile, beige walls, an undermount sink and beige floor.light fitting - webuser_258124841, After living in their home for 15 years, our clients decided it was time to renovate and decorate. This simple Mediterranean-style bathroom is adorned with the green and brown marble tiles that are placed on the flooring and the walls of the glass-enclosed shower area. Keeping the design flowing into the shower with a sliced natural pebble on the floor and covering the walls from floor to ceiling are polished porcelain 24 x 48 tiles. — Houzz. Inspiration for a large mediterranean master bathroom in Phoenix with a freestanding tub, marble floors, recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white walls, an undermount sink, grey floor, grey benchtops, a double vanity, a built-in vanity and decorative wall panelling. You will feel that you have been a fan of the entire designs. Related Photo Topics. While the existing upstairs sitting room was spacious and welcoming, with a panoramic view of Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square and Alcatraz, the sole Photo about Lots of light in this custom mediterranean / soutwest style home s master bathroom. This large bathroom has a cushioned wooden bench underneath the chandelier. This gorgeous primary bathroom has an earthy marble tone applied to its shower area walls paired with frosted glass panels. Shop our amazing selection of mediterranean tiles on Houzz, including kitchen, bathroom, wall and floor tiles. There is also a French glass door flanked by sconces leading to the rear deck. Taking influences from many historical time periods and diverse cultures, Spanish-style bathrooms may feature design elements that originated in countries as disparate as Italy, Turkey and Greece. Details Quick Look Save Plan Remove Plan #109-1103. Adjacent to this is one of the gray wooden vanities that has a white countertop. In our gallery, you’ll notice that many Mediterranean primary bathroom design ideas are luxurious, yet very functional. Mediterranean Master Bathroom - Design photos, ideas and inspiration. This is a spacious and grand primary bathroom with a large bathtub in the center of the beige floor adorned with swirls and topped with a tall ceiling that hangs a large wrought iron chandelier. Related Photo Topics. This Mediterranean-style bathroom has a large two-sink brown vanity that has the same beige marble on its countertop as the flooring leading to the bathtub on the far corner inlaid in the same material beside the glass-enclosed shower area. See more ideas about Mediterranean bathroom, Tuscan decorating, Bathroom decor. This orange marble is used on the flooring, vanity countertops, and the housing of the large bathtub extending to a headboard-like structure that contrasts the beige walls. Art Theme Home Design; ... See More Mediterranean Bathroom Photos. Mar 7, 2018 - Explore Rogue Fiddler's board "Mediterranean Bathroom", followed by 172 people on Pinterest. These are further brightened by the natural lights and are contrasted by the dark wooden vanity. Farmdale - New modern Spanish in the heart of Studio City. Mediterranean Mirrors are made to measure equipped with powerful integrated True Light, combined with Back Light, or without light options. This primary bathroom has lovely granite-top vanities, a fireplace, gray couch, and an elegant deep soaking tub surrounded by spiral columns and inlaid with the same earthy marble as the floor. This lovely bathroom has a dark wooden structure beside the bathtub that houses the vanity along with cabinets and drawers. This simple and chic bathroom has an elegant white wooden vanity that has intricate and fine designs on it matching the frame designs of the wall-mounted mirror that stands out against the gray wall. The brown marble tiles of the flooring extend to the housing of the luxurious bathtub in the corner by the window adorned with a potted plant. This elegant bathroom is dominated by the white gray marble material that is applied to the flooring and walls. It’s common for Mediterranean-style master bathrooms to have built-in desks, walk-in showers, relaxing sofasand lounge chairs, and more, to create a space that you can use for even more than just a bathroom. Dec 28, 2016 - Function, design & making the most of your home Spanish-style Mediterranean bathrooms use terracotta flooring with bright mosaic tiles lining the walls and shower and may have unique architectural designs influenced by Spanish architecture, like arched doorways. Dino Tonn This very large Mediterranean bathroom by Dino Toon, via Houzz, is the epitome of Southern European comfort and luxury.The room at the back houses the bathtub, while the middle area is the walk-in shower. 3-Bedroom, 2897 Sq Ft Mediterranean Plan with Master Bathroom #133-1063. Dark timbre, wrought iron, sandstone tiles. This makes the white porcelain toilet beside it stand out also against the wooden vanity on its other side. This beautiful and charming Mediterranean-style bathroom has a cathedral ceiling with white exposed beams that match the small pillars against the gray far wall flanking the freestanding bathtub. The light gray cabinets and drawers of this large structure match the wainscoting that is contrasted by the brown patterned wallpaper. The master bedroom and bathroom retreat is located on one side of the house, while the girl's and boy's bedroom and bathroom are on the other. This structure matches the simple wooden tables of the vanity as well as the large wooden cabinet in the middle. Custom Ceramic Vanity Backsplash. Mediterranean-style bathroom design takes its cues from the relaxed, casual and comfortable style found in many homes in countries adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. These are paired with a small elephant figurine. Thanks for visiting our Mediterranean primary bathroom photo gallery where you can search a lot of Mediterranean primary bathroom design ideas. This sets a nice foreground for the simple toilet and patterned walls of the walk-in shower area. On the other side of the bathroom is the glass-enclosed shower area. The beige flooring tiles have simple patterns on it that match with those on the walls of the walk-in shower area that has pitch black fixtures matching with those of the bathtub and the vanity’s sink. The primary bathroom has a freestanding white porcelain bathtub in the middle of the white marble flooring. The bright white tray ceiling and its white moldings complement the beige walls of this primary bathroom. If you’re looking for a luxurious, formal, 101 Interior Design Ideas for 25 Types of Rooms in a House ([y] Photos), 101 Custom Primary Bathroom Design Ideas (Photos), 95 Mediterranean Primary Bathroom Ideas (Photos). This matches the flooring tiles that complement the classic wooden vanities. The design embraces influences from Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey in an eclectic mixture of styles that developed over many centuries. There you will get different partitions, for bathtub and sink placing. Below is our gallery showcasing a very specific primary bathroom design. Love the window - webuser_845787894, Photo of a large mediterranean master wet room bathroom in Perth with shaker cabinets, a freestanding tub, beige tile, porcelain tile, porcelain floors, a vessel sink, beige floor, an open shower, grey benchtops, a double vanity, a floating vanity and distressed cabinets.shabby look - webuser_795895237, Thibault CartierDesign ideas for a mediterranean master bathroom in San Francisco with shaker cabinets, grey cabinets, an alcove shower, white tile, subway tile, grey walls, cement tiles, an undermount sink, multi-coloured floor, a hinged shower door and white benchtops.Another way to enclose wet area - albanhastings, Design ideas for an expansive mediterranean master bathroom in Phoenix with recessed-panel cabinets, brown cabinets, a freestanding tub, an alcove shower, a one-piece toilet, multi-coloured tile, mosaic tile, white walls, marble floors, an integrated sink, marble benchtops, multi-coloured floor and a hinged shower door.OK that's a cool combination - albanhastings, meeroLarge mediterranean master bathroom in Other with multi-coloured tile, cement tile, wood benchtops, furniture-like cabinets, grey cabinets and a vessel sink.Like the basins - denise_hicks29, Bathroom.Large mediterranean master bathroom in Santa Barbara with an undermount sink, flat-panel cabinets, dark wood cabinets, an alcove shower, gray tile, stone tile, white walls, porcelain floors and solid surface benchtops.Master bathroom bench top towels - wsftv, Inspiration for a mid-sized mediterranean master bathroom in Los Angeles with flat-panel cabinets, brown cabinets, a freestanding tub, a shower/bathtub combo, a wall-mount toilet, white tile, ceramic tile, white walls, ceramic floors, a vessel sink, engineered quartz benchtops, blue floor, a hinged shower door, grey benchtops, a double vanity and a floating vanity.Floor ceramic - eunice_renelick75, Master Bath with double person shower, shower benches, free standing tub and double vanity.This is an example of a mid-sized mediterranean master bathroom in San Francisco with a freestanding tub, beige floor, recessed-panel cabinets, dark wood cabinets, an alcove shower, multi-coloured tile, mosaic tile, brown walls, porcelain floors, an undermount sink, granite benchtops, brown benchtops, a niche and a shower seat.Can turn shower heads to "seat" - rene_myers88, Proyecto realizado por The Room Studio

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