Teaching and Preaching

Toby has been taking his Tuesday and Thursday night classes through the book of Acts and is just about to finish the book. He has had up to 30 people attend the Tuesday night class, including several people from other denominations. Toby has enjoyed the questions that have come up and directing the students back to the Bible for their answers. Toby has seen tremendous growth in the group. Thursday nights he also teaches a class on Acts. After the class, he is working with a couple of the men to develop their leadership skills. One man has come a long way in his ability to lead the church. On Fridays and Saturdays, he disciples men in small groups or individually.

Toby has been focusing a lot of his time on the church at Cancela. It was once a healthy growing church, but the murder of one of their members tore the church apart. When we started working with the church, there were just two people from the community who faithfully came every week. The two ministers trying to help the church also serve another church as well as working other jobs that take from 60 to 80 hours of their week. That leaves little time for anything else! They take what time they can to help their home church and to hold a service in Cancela on Sunday afternoons. I cannot say enough good things about these men, but they have no time left to give if they want to see their families. So Toby has been evangelizing throughout the community for 2 to 3 hours every Saturday, and this has led the church to quadruple in attendance. Many people in the community believe the church is a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon church, so they don’t want to come. Toby is working hard to get the word out that we are a Christian church. An older widow came Sunday for the first time. She lives right behind the church in a shack that is not fit for an animal. She found three stones that she positioned in such a way that will support a pot so she can cook her meals over a fire. She is a widow in desperate need. These people are just trying to survive and have enough food on the table. It is the church where we had VBS last summer with up to 120 in attendance, so we know there are people interested in coming. It is an area that needs Jesus and the hope he brings.

Recently Toby went to Centro Cristiano Mission monthly minister’s meeting at the church camp. They have many churches in their mission throughout the country, so there are always people Toby hasn’t met or talked to very much at the meeting. He loves getting to know new people and developing relationships. He continually receives requests to come preach and teach at their churches. Please pray for Toby as he continues to figure out how God wants him to use his time.