Public School Ministry

Toby goes twice a month to a public school to teach on a subject given to him. He usually teaches for 10 to 15 minutes as that is the length of their attention span. He teaches from kindergarten up to 8th grade. He has built some good relationships in the school where they invite him to come to get to know the families of the school children. He has commented many times on how he doesn’t know how the kids can learn much because there is little discipline and a lot of chaos. As he gets to know the kids, they are listening more and paying attention to what he shares from the Bible. It was wonderful to go with him recently to see the kids run up to him and give him hugs. One of the teachers the other day said they call him Donald Trump since they think they look alike. The kids and I will soon be going with the DK Eyewitness books to open a new world to them of things they have never seen.