red reef trail, ojai

Thanks to all that attended! View from the Red Reef Trail Woodland poppy, Red Reef Trail Sisar Canyon to White Ledge Camp. I have hiked to the saddle north-west of Hines Peak from Nordhoff Ridge Road. East Fork Trail, located near Los Padres National Forest, California is a 2.1 mile hiking, trail running and walking trail with a top elevation of 1746 feet. Many Trails listed may be unmaintained, always plan ahead, check weather report, know your risks and level of ability. job staying focused on improving the access It could use a little brushing and some tread work in spots but by Los Padres standards it very usable. Being a jerk / offensive? A massive fallen oak right at the Sespe Wilderness gate on the ridge road. • )  The group Reports are that all trees have been cleared except for one large fallen pine just outside of Ladybug Camp. Just keep a watchful eye for snakes in these areas as it’s hard to see the ground, and an area they would be especially likely to hang around. 1,280' Up  The worst is just above the timber creek crossing and just above Lady Bug Camp. (If you stay on the road, you will reach Nordhoff Ridge after 4.5 miles).  Can't attest to whether or not it lets up but it did get progressively worse over a quarter mile. Respect private property and speed limits. Trail was often wet but never sloppy; since it's mostly forest roads, it's extremely clear and easy to follow. Please explain. 679.12 m Up ("Check yourself before you wreck yourself" folks.) Horn Canyon Trail This 2.9-mile hike in Ojai goes up a canyon in the frontcountry of the Topatopa Mountains and ventures off trail along the soothing waters of Thacher Creek. The trail is choked with poison oak and ticks seem to be everywhere. Location: Los Padres National Forest between Ojai and Santa Paula.From Highway 150, nine miles east of Highway 33 and nine miles west of Highway 126, … very overgrown with poison oak and many down trees from lady bug to sespe river. • View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. It's not super technical but if you are planning on going fast just watch out for some loose rocks and some step type little drops which are actually really fun to fly off of. Very steep. The trail is about 2.5 miles to the fireroad on the ridge, 1.5 mile up the trail is White Ledge Camp. The upper section (above the campground) is really fast, flowing, and relatively steep with four to five switchbacks. As you climb higher, the trail gets better and better, thanks to recent trail work.ÂÂ. A little snow lingering. The trail climbs steeply another 1.7 miles to Hines Peak Road. Also took side spur to top of Topatopa bluff. (If you stay on the road, you will reach Nordhoff Ridge after 4.5 miles). Hike one mile up Sisar Road to Forest Service locked gate. Red Reef Trail - (04-2011) Four days and three nights, from Lions Camp to Ladybug camp and then out towards Ojai. Ignoring the Red Reef trail for now walk back down the road from which you just came in a very short .1 of a mile there is a well defined spur trail that climbs up to the southern end of the Bluff. Stay right on the fire road and then you'll see a trail marker again on the right leading to the summit. The coolest part was bumping into a little burrowing owl in the twilight on my way out. It's all singletrack and is one of those trails that is as fast as you want to make it. There is a single track trail to the right, Red Reef Trail, which I took. I sat down and ate lunch. 2,070' Down 205.63 m Down, 8.8 mi Dan McCaslin. NOT OKAY! A trail connecting Sisar Canyon Road to the Sespe River Trail.  Luckily there was water at a creek crossing a mile back from where we turned around.  Trail was easily seen and passable until about a mile out from Harris Tunnel. Ladybug Spring is about 600 feet south (uphill) from the camp and has year-round water. • Rock slide across the trail I took a trail breaking right of the main trail and out to serene White Ledge Camp. ... Rose Valley Campground, Chief Peak, Rose Valley Falls, Rose Valley Creek, Sespe Creek, Bear Creek, Thacker Creek, Red Reef. Heavy rain on night of 8th and 10. USPS suggests the address below Suggested address here Some poodle dog on that trail as well. The Sisar Canyon/Red Reef Trail offers partial Wilderness access along an eighteen mile trail from Sisar gate to Sycamore Flat along the Sespe River. Hike another 2.1 miles  until the Red Reef Trail leaves the road at a switchback. • There are a couple of fire pits for campers. Did not see a sole after the first couple of miles from the trailhead.  But two miles out it became extremely thick and completely unavoidable. Ride Name: Ojai: Red Reef & Horn Trail Chunkfest When: Saturday 4/ 6 /19 Time: 9:30 Roll Time Where: Trailhead of Horn Trail Ride Description or Details: Parking at the bottom of Horn Trail and front loading the climb to Summit Elementary School to climb Sisar up to Red Reef, drop Red Reef back to Sisar and climb up to drop Horn back to the vehicle. Hiking information for Sisar Canyon - Red Reef Trail, Monterey and Big Spur, CA, Los Padres National Forest - photos, maps, directions and more. Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines. THE EXPERIENCE: The Los Padres National Forest’s enchanting Red Reef … Moderately steep. This area is a famous overwintering spot for ladybird beetles. 631.02 m Up This is a great ride if you like to start your rides with a climb and end it with a long fast descent. You gain about 900 feet elevation in .8 of a mile to reach the Top. 24.7 km Topatopa Bluff Trail is a 18.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Ojai, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. Continuing east (right) you’ll reach Willett Camp after 1.3 miles and Sespe Hot Springs after 6.7 miles. 4,334 m blue singletrack trail. This website was developed for adventurists, explorers and enthusiasts of both the Northern and Southern portions of the Los Padres National Forests. Yesterday’s project was on the Red Reef Trail in 1,280' Down DIFFICULTY: Moderate to strenuous ascent of more than 2,200 feet. Near Ojai, California. Dogs are also able to use this trail. 670' Up When visiting the Los Padres always remember to pack extra water for any trip! Get updates on conditions, surveys and more... Los Padres Forest Association - 01-19-2020,, Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara & Ventura. Photos are screenshots of a video taken while approaching bushes fully covering the trail.ÂÂ. The route offers some great views out across the valley towards the ocean, as well as east towards Topatopa Bluff. HIked from trailhead atop Topa Topa down through Ladybug and attempted to make it to Willet hotsprings. 1,514' Up This confused me because according to the map, the Last Chance Trail is another mile and a half up the dirt road, which becomes the Red Reef Trail. Technical terrain with no alternate lines. 675' Down Wheeler Gorge This 1-mile loop explores the forest around this 70-site Campground. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. Trail Number: 21W08 . Respect private property. Not sure what it will be like in the spring. You start the climb following the creek, with a couple … The section where the foot path leaves Sisar Canyon Rd (about 3.8 - 4 miles from the trailhead, at the burn scar warning sign) was the roughest; about 100 meters in, the path was covered by brush for ~30 feet, and the trail was slightly washed out (but still passable) in several spots. It was deserted. Having said all of that, however, the tread is very easy to follow, even through this lower section that largely follows the creek bed. Land Manager: USFS - Los Padres National Forest Office, 10.0 mi • This is a fairly rigorous trail with a lot of elevation gain. 1,330' Down Trail. Other times you are walking through dead brush that leans into the trail, but is easily passable. Backpacked Jan 8-11. Upper Red Reef (before the campground) - steep, fast, not too technical and with beautiful views. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. Through funding provided by the US Forest Service, from 2020 to 2023 we will be reclaiming critical portions of trails around Ojai and Santa Paula: • Last Chance • Santa Paula Canyon • Santa Paula Peak • Red Reef • North Fork Matilija • Murietta • Pratt • Howard Creek Hike one mile up Sisar Road to Forest Service locked gate. Trail Update Sisar Canyon Road / Red Reef Trl-Road & trail in good condition. 630.96 m Down, 17.1 mi Need major trail work. Mostly decent, but foot path thru burn scars is rough in spots. Trail in great shape. There are also a number of downed trees, about 4-5 which required me to get down on hands and knees and crawl under. This is the Topa Topa Bluff Trail. WHAT: Three-day, nine-mile backpack or 15-mile day hike along the Red Reef Trail. Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. Description Red Reef Trail is best described in two parts: upper and lower. This is about an injury or accident This section of the trail is an old roadbed, broad and mostly smooth and There is water at the camp.  Walk beyond the sites to find the stream and definitely bring a filter. ... Sisar Canyon - Red Reef … There has been active maintenance on Red Reef Trail in January/February 2010. An 11 mile fire road climb to the top of Red Reef trail. 390.17 m Down, 3.9 mi Something else? Very overgrown with poison oak after thomas fire from lady bug to sespe, From Hines Pk (Topa Topa ridge) intersection descending to Sespe - Trail in very good structural shape overall, but about 60% of the 6 mi stretch is overgrown.  Still easily navigated and passable, but probably a mile of so in the creek sections (by Lady Bug and lower drainages) have unavoidable poison oak patches overgrowing the trail.  Ridge and ridge side sections a bit more open but thorny and slow going.  Recommend long pants and sleeves until trail is cleared (hopefully that will happen again one of these years). 204.18 m Up There are a number of trails in the Ojai area that lead from the Ojai Valley over the mountains towards Rose Valley and Sespe River. MAP: Tom Harrison Maps Sespe Wilderness. Spam? Uneven terrain with small rocks or roots. 2,228' Up

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