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Additionally, it is designed such that outside cases of mana flood or mana screw, you are not going to have a dead draw. Urza, who doesn’t so much draw cards as he allows us a free spell or two per turn — or at least gets rid of unnecessary lands. I didn’t really like the other options, and I felt they might impact how I play out the deck. 2016-06-08: If the imprinted card leaves the exile zone while the activated ability is on the stack, the copy can’t be made. Our buy price: 0.330 tix. For general EDH deck building I think can be of some more use lol. :^). Contact | Discord Server | Grim Monolith is a part of one of the deck’s key combos. Isochron Scepter allows you to imprint any instant card with casting cost 2 or less, and then produce copies of that card once per turn.. Use Helix to return your own artifact to your hand and then cast it. But to start with, an Alton Brown quote: The only unitasker allowed in my kitchen is a fire extinguisher. This site is unaffiliated. The deck we’re working with here is a Urza Powered Scepter deck — we’re not brewing, but rather we’re analyzing. The best place to find optimized decks is to look at the cEDH Decklist Database. So here’s what I did: Optimized Commander brings a lot of rules to deckbuilding. The same could not be said for any of the other decks. Isochron Scepter rulings: 2016-06-08: If Isochron Scepter leaves the battlefield while the activated ability is on the stack, the ability can still make a copy.  Flip, Shabraz, the Skyshark, Rielle, the Everwise, The Locust God, Psychosis Crawler, Burning Inquiry, Molten Psyche, Narset, Parter of Veils, Alms Collector, a Niv-Mizzet of your choice perhaps, Fevered Visions, Magus of the Jar, Wheel of Fate, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Winds of Change and I'll stop myself there lol. Dramatic Reversal is a new addition that probably makes this list. Imprint — When Isochron Scepter enters the battlefield, you may exile an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your hand. When I come back, we’ll talk about Mike and Trike — a less spikey, less competitive build, but still packing an infinite combo finish. I know you're running some recursion yourself but this deck has the potential to seriously fuel opposing decks with heavy graveyard interaction as their motif, for obvious reasons lol. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. , : You may copy the exiled card. DMCA requests | If Isochron Scepter leaves the battlefield while the activated ability is on the stack, the ability can still make a copy. He comes in with a token that is likely going to be a 3/3 to start, and only gets bigger as the game progresses. Future Sight, which extends our hand to include the top card of our library. If you have artifacts in play (or artifacts and creatures) which tap for a total of 3 mana, you’ve just created the ability to generate infinite mana and cast infinite spells. As a general rule I try to avoid mana rocks at 3 cmc or above, just because that's around the point where they stop generating enough value to be worth running or even casting. They’ve got a sizable listing of the best possible decks built according to the rules laid down buy the Commander Rules Committee. Pick a commander that is a value engine and that enables itself. You're going to want to keep your mana rocks cheap and efficient. The entire deck is designed to put these combos — in particular the infinite mana combos — on the board as fast as possible and protect them using counterspells. Type: Artifact. Just improves your odds of finding one of your combo pieces. *4 Isochron Scepter [/Artifacts] [/deck] This next deck list is a bit less tested than the UWR Scepter deck, but I think it also has a few fairly powerful things going for it. Manifold Key has worse art in my opinion and the secondary ability is almost entirely irrelevant to this deck, making it more of a choice of aesthetics. Very good card. By repeating this process, you can generate as much black mana as you want. I tried to stick with recommendations that stay under $10 but a few over the limit might've slipped through. This is more of a late game card to put on your second Scepter to re-use your first scepter or try to hurt their mana supply by using Entwine on the Sceptor (untapping) and repeating the process. Some cards that you might like: Brallin, Skyshark Rider 2, T: You may copy the imprinted instant card and play the copy without paying its mana cost. Event: Rank: Vintage. Provides ramp. kei1 So Niv-Mizzet, Parun is good because it is pretty much guaranteed to resolve on cast, rewards you whenever your opponents do things, and has a slightly better stat line. I know it's long but I just really enjoy researching cards and learning about different strats so I usually get carried away. Terms of Use | Provides a sink for all that mana that provides card advantage. Imprint — When Isochron Scepter comes into play, you may remove an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less in your hand from the game. Hopefully I'll get the chance to put a wheel deck together for him one day. Use Codex Shredder’s second ability to sacrifice Codex Shredder and return Timetwister to your hand. is a big go to not only for infinite cast triggers, but infinite mana as well when combined with nonland mana producers. There's also Arcane Adaptation and Bishop of Wings. There are a lot of ways to mill your whole deck out there. You don't want to be ramping on turn 5 when you could be pulling off big combos. Before Flash got banned, Flash Hulk decks were one of the strongest and most oppressive archetypes in the format because all you needed were flash and hulk in hand with the right cards in your deck and you could mill your entire library at instant speed and win with Laboratory Maniac. Also, it can tap for mana immediately thanks to the ramp ability and the fact that it’s an artifact. and I just like them a lot. Isochron Scepter Thrasios and Tymnna. ? And I haven’t even mentioned the power of stealing mana dorks from our opponents using Legacy’s Allure or Gilded Drake, which has mattered. by atingtdm, Breya Solitaire Work with the cards you have, and leverage them to get the cards you need. Hope this helped. Generally copied spells aren’t “cast” they are “put onto the stack” without being casted. Most elfball decks use their commanders as ramp. Overall this is really solid for a first time draft! For example, let's say you have potentially 5 mana turn 3. Going Infinite. Just make sure that when you cast him from your command zone you have the ability to make him stick on the field. The weaknesses of mono-White in commander are well-covered by literally every other person who’s talked about the format, so I won’t beat that dead horse. Mana Drain is a counterspell with ramp attached. Overall I'd say Parun is probably stronger but there's nothing wrong with running both. Whenever you gain life, draw that many cards. Tap [card](Isochron Scepter) to cast both exiled cards. Some good commander counters include Swan Song, Flusterstorm, Delay, Negate, Dovin's Veto. Power Artifact: Perhaps the narrowest card in the deck, as most of our artifacts don’t have activated abilities that cost mana. I've always liked Nekusar myself. It is, however pretty mana intensive in requiring 3 blue and 3 red and it also requires some form of catalyst to access its card draw. I have this deck. Oh and you can open yourself up for a Thassa's Oracle win. (The removed card is imprinted on this artifact. Since you have have access to white you could always try Rest in Peace for the complete shutdown, and then maybe a Grafdigger's Cage just as another piece of graveyard hate. Look at that mana curve on the interaction package. You could probably use more efficient counters for controlling the board, like Counterspell. :^), What about Isochron Scepter? Take this as fair warning. Cast Codex Shredder. Additionally, Muddle the Mixture fetches any of our infinite mana pieces (Isochron Scepter, Dramatic Reversal, Grim Monolith, and Power Artifact). combo ATM lol. Personally, I think that the speed benefit of a basic coming in untapped trumps the versatility that tapped lands will eventually provide. Hope this helps! Using this combo can also generate infinite mana to activate Kaho’s ability, but I’m not a fan of relying on Isochron Scepter here. Commanders: Thrasios, Triton Hero & Tymna the Weaver (Partner) Decklist. Library gone. Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter Make them discard 12 cards instead of 6 or 7! It’s a single card engine, and it’s in the command zone. Copy Artifact: Can copy any artifact on the table if it’s useful — even someone else’s artifact. So how and why did I choose this deck? Copy Artifact is ramp — you can use it to copy a mana rock if you need to. Thanks for reading! Isochron Scepter: While obviously a combo piece, this card can *also* copy Counterspell, Mana Drain, Brainstorm, Impulse, or any number of other situational spells, so long as they have a converted mana cost of 2 or less. This site © 2020, LLC As a result, 25 cards in the deck — including our commander — are ramp. Just sacrifice the Deceiver Exarch and the other creature to the altar, activate Isochron Scepter to bring them back, then untap the scepter with Deceiver Exarch‘s ability. As a result, there aren’t many viable decks at that power level. This means that either it generates mana, generates card advantage, puts bodies on the floor, or is a combo piece — ideally it’s several of those things at once. I like your deck, hope this helped! Imprint - When Isochron Scepter comes into play, you may remove an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less in your hand from the game. Our token generators also flood the board with card draw or creatures. Plus you're getting them closer to drawing on an empty deck. However, keeping those rules in mind — even as we break them — will enable us to build decks that do whatever we want to do. ), : You may copy the imprinted instant card. If you do, you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost. {2}, {T}: You may copy the exiled card. It not only did what I wanted to do (build a deck with the fewest possible cases where there were dead draws) and it played into the cards I already had in my collection. Rarity: Uncommon. As far as card draw goes, my favorites are targeted X spells like Blue Sun's Zenith and Stroke of Genius as they could always be upgraded to kill tools with an infinite source of mana i.e. Imprint- When Isochron Scepter enters the battlefield, you may exile an instant card with converted mana cost 2 or less from your hand., : You may copy the exiled card. I’d played a semi-competitive Baral draw-go control list previously, and it had been rekt by the move from Paradox Engine (because it ate a ban) to Powered Monolith. I wanted to be in a monocolor deck because I like how monocolor decks can highlight each color’s part in the color pie. For this purpose, any actual mana rock, anything with an ability to add mana, or anything that can get a mana rock is ramp. {2}, {T}: You may copy the exiled card. So what can we learn from Urza? After all, it’s the most expensive part, right? If you wanted to do it in this one just take your Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter If you can't find multicolored lands within your price range I would suggest just going with basics. For Tabernacle, the budget choice was easy: add another basic land. Well, first, Urza himself turns any 0 cost artifact into Mox Sapphire. When you put them all together on a single commander, you’re going to get something incredibly busted — something that will make a splash even at the top tables of the format. You also have to tap your scepter, but with paradox Engine out, your scepter will untap so you can use it again. Qty: 6. If you can do this with a 0 mana artifact it's also limitless creatures and mana. Couple it with group X draw cards like Fascination, Minds Aglow, and Prosperity and you've got yourself anything from a potential win via nasty table mill to a de facto game winner with Nekusar, Kederekt Parasite, or Fate Unraveler (and Psychosis Crawler if you decide to run it). That's why Muddle the Mixture is a good transmutation here. If you want to use both of them, you can use the scepter to: Generate mana, with [[dark ritual]] for example, and them play whatever you want. Puts more bodies on the floor. You can use this against creatures too, but the only ones they will be fast enough to stop are Eternal Dragons and Akromas (and possibly Angels). Sensei’s Divining Top, which allows us some card selection. I would need to make significant investments into new cards if I wanted to play them. Obviously, playing on PlayEDH is going to be more proxy friendly, so I’ve done what anyone could do: sharpie on basic. semi-competitive Baral draw-go control list, DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment Review. Here’s What Happened. If you do, you may play the copy without paying its mana cost. Also consider this strat: you have your Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter Codex Shredder, which can be used to return a draw spell to hand. Orange+: I'm glad you enjoyed reading my ramblings! Infinite Mana Combos: Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal; Requirements: Dramatic Reversal in hand, to cast and activate Isochron Scepter, nonland mana sources that can make at least 3 mana. Transmute Artifact and Intuition: I managed to pick those up at an SCG tournament in Fort Worth. Nice deck. combo. Jw cause I'm gushing over the Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter Sai, which we can use in a pinch to sacrifice artifacts for card draw. The split cards in the expansion set Dragon's Maze contain a new mechanic "Fuse". If you decided to pursue group draw you could also experiment with stuff like Prosperity, Minds Aglow, and Fascination (you said you like options right?). I like your deck a lot and if you do decide to expand into commander I really hope you enjoy it. +Lich's Mastery | Hexproof You can't lose the game. Hope this helps! Sac damage outlets such as Goblin Bombardment and Barrage of Expendables also do the trick. Ultimately, it will win by either using its infinite spellcasts to flood the board with artifacts courtesy of Trail of Evidence and Sai, Master Thopterist and turn them into creatures with Tezzeret the Seeker while you’ve got the board on lockdown for your opponents turn so they can’t do anything and have nothing but lands on board and no hands other than the card they draw for turn, or you’ll go for the Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal/Codex Shredder infinite mill combo. Sol Ring is just one of those cards that slots into just about every commander deck. You don't want to be dropping rocks when you could be making plays. :^). So I started building Urza — and the easy part was starting with what I had. was in the deck so you could infinitely untap artifacts, but why use that when we have Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter But sometimes, I wanted to take this to major events in my area. Narset’s Reversal, which allows us to pay UU to return a draw spell to our hand as we cast it, thus allowing us to use it again. Kashedbowl: Thank you for the suggestion! The main goal of our combos is to create infinite mana, which will let us use Urza to cast our whole deck. Urza is also an outlet for that mana that advances our game state. Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter I’ve talked enough about it. Feeds | You’ll notice that all of these decks are combo decks — even the control decks are proactively working to combo off. Something you could do that might be cool would be to run a lot of cards like Dictate of Kruphix, Kami of the Crescent Moon, and Howling Mine to boost everybody's draw (might make them consider not killing you lol). combo and any X draw spell like Prosperity or Blue Sun's Zenith and there you go. But Isochron Scepter casts the copy. It is only 1 card you get to draw from him though on his own, and his stats are slightly weaker. This build is a true Scepter deck built around the Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter infinite mana combo and using Thrasios as a mana sink.

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