God Works in Mysterious Ways!

One of the best things of being a missionary is seeing how God provides in amazing ways. Sarah has begged me for a long time to find her Honduran equestrian coach so she could see how Sarah is doing and so she can come to the competition next year. I spent hours searching and trying to remember the name of the equestrian club, but to no avail.

While we were at the international competition, we visited with people from Venezuela. Their coach married a retired high ranking Honduran military official from San Pedro Sula, who just happened to know Sarah’s former coach. He sent me Daniela’s phone number, club name, and their Facebook page. Daniela and I have had several conversations. Daniela plans to keep up with Sarah’s competitions here and hopes to come next year to the international competition. Not only that, but I was able to be a listening ear as someone who understands a little of what the Venezuelans are going through and to evangelize a little.