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Where walks become something you look forward to - not dread! I volunteer at the RSPCA on a weekly basis, to give back to them a small part of what Marcy has given us. Our highly customizable dog training services can turn any anxious pup into a confident, well-behaved dog. Here’s some good news: Dutchies are fit as a fiddle! Through fun games they will learn the importance of play, whilst learning how to focus, the value of staying close to you, boost confidence around new/novel situations and develop their impulse control. We offer strategies to achieve this ....... and a whole lot more ...... REAL LIFE RESULTS! Fun, interactive, games based training. Pit-Track prefers to use specific dog breeds. They are learning a mindful approach to relating to each other and creating a much stronger bond … Contact us today to schedule your dog's training! You may want assistance to address unwanted behaviors, achieve new goals i.e therapy certification, or increase knowledge and performance skills in dog sports, introducing a new dog … ... Service Dog Certification Therapy dog Training Dog Training Classes Dog Behavior Training service Dogs for Diabetics IPO Service Dogs for Vet sService Dogs for … You and your dog are a team. What you won't find is how to help your new bundle of fun make sense of their new world. Discover why a KPA Certified Trainer is the right choice for you and your pet. A chance to assess progress, fine-tune any training issues and consolidate learning. It's not just basic obedience; they help teach you and your dog … What you won't find is how to help your new bundle of fun make sense of their new world. Amy Ferguson, Owner, Lead Professional Trainer K9s Unleashed. Specialties: Motivational based dog training and behavior modification in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Older dogs are special too! Price when booked and paid together. I have always been an animal lover and rescued my own dog, Marcy, from Sheffield RSPCA. Santa Cruz, California. "After seeing a flyer for Allegiant K9s, I gave Dave a call. I am a Pro Dog Trainer, certificated with Absolute Dogs, fully insured and am Canine First Aid qualified. Through learning games to play with your dog, you will be working on issues such as pulling on the lead, poor recall, reactivity to other dogs, jumping up, lack of focus, amongst many others. 6 talking about this. Operating as usual. Our team is comprised of highly trained staff that understands working K9s and the needs of our customers. Our goal is to work through these challenges together, support you when you are feeling overwhelmed and ultimately give you another choice than to return you dog to the rescue centre. Turn your dog training struggles into strengths and achieve real life results with Confident K9s Dog Training. This short course does not teach sit, stay, down - anyone can look up how to do that on YouTube! We believe that clear communication is the base of a good relationship and we teach you and your dog to communicate and understand each other better. Initial consultation, training plan and two follow-up sessions. Giving back to them through quality, fun training time, teaches both dog and owner what makes each other tick and brings an unbelievable confident bond that makes life pretty amazing! K9s are able to locate poachers and apprehend suspects. K9s For Warriors requires that the canine pass through these steps to ensure they're the best lifelong … We will work with you on concepts that will shape your dogs personality. In addition to many different levels of dog training, we work to educate the public about canine management. At K9s Only, we provide Day Training which is a positive and fun approach to learning what will build a strong relationship and a confident dog. but I'm happy to say she is well on the way to becoming a confident, optimistic and contented dog with a new lease of life away from an animal shelter. Fun, innovative, concept-based dog training. I founded Katherine's K9s in September 2017 to help people who love their animals find care that brings them … We can help you ensure your special friend still has a rich and fulfilled life, full of stimulation, alongside tackling some potentially new behaviours that the ageing process has presented. Contact Chris at 720-634-6331 for more information on the K9s for sale below, our K9 training program, or purchasing a K9 for your unit. Already have more than one dog and life is getting stressful? I am committed to helping you achieve a wonderful, fun and rewarding relationship with your dog. Need a Dog Trainer? ... At Confident K9s we know how to speak dog and we will try to help you bridge that gap. We also ensure that all of our training, whether for police, protection or civilian pets is centered on preparing a dog to be … Hi, my name is Claire, owner of Confident K9s Dog Training. Using an innovative, fun, games-based approach, we help you get your relationship back on track. If you own a dog, you have probably heard it more than once – you should be a pack leader for your dog, your dog should be at the bottom of your house hierarchy, you should never let him walk in front of you, sleep on your bed, rest on the landing when you’re downstairs, … The training is reducing for both him and his mom's anxiety and stress. Health issues of the Dutch Shepherd. Welcome to Katherine's K9s! Use our online directory to find the KPA CTP closest … Choose a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and you can be confident that you have a skilled dog training instructor working with you. 4. Your dog may display one or all of the above behaviours, each case is individual - our plan will be too. We will never place a dog that we are not confident is not ready for the job. Let us help turn your struggles into strengths! Not only do each of the trainers help you through all those tough doggy issues, but they help you have fun while they do it. 1. Puppy training, basic obedience and manners, problem solving and … The end result of this cycle is not only a happy, well-mannered dog, but a self-confident one, who has a strong bond with its owner! If this is you, then you've come to the right place! I spoke to seven dog trainers and Dave made the best first impression. Calm, quiet, precise communication - communication is clear, timely, calm … Amy Ferguson has been professionally training dogs since 2002 with a concentration in Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog Certification and Behavior Modification. MY K999 has One-on-One dog training, puppy programs, behaviour modifications, obedience,and more! These concepts will shape the choices your dog makes, minute by minute, every day and sky-rocket your relationship. 58 reviews of J9's K9s Dog Training "J9's K9s is the best!!!! 45 minutes duration. Dog Training and Behavior Modification at your home. We will only ever use positive, reward based training methods. We do not advocate the use of shock or prong collars, choke chains, water sprays, physical correction or any method of training which seeks to punish a dog for making a wrong.choice. Skills and Behaviors Your Dog Can Learn in Our Programs. Is your dream of dog ownership not quite the reality? This dog has a strong and able body, so you can take it with you on walks and runs around the neighborhood. Professional Dog Trainer Confident K9 Training. Yes, fun!! Introducing a new dog into the household? At Confident K9s we are dedicated to helping you enhance the relationship between you and your dog. We offer individual 1:1 training support in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We help you to get the foundations right and build a happy, confident, well-adjusted young dog. We provide quality care for your pets including walks, visits, training, boarding and vacation care. Confident K9 offers evidence based, force free training & behavior modification together with educational classes on canine body language and behavior for bite prevention and the safety of people and dogs. Balanced Real World Dog Training. ... All it takes is professional dog training from Sharp K9s. That's me in a nutshell, I can't wait to meet you and your dog. At Ohio Pet Resort we offer dog training done right, guaranteed! ... Irros is a strong, confident dog that doesn’t back away from any challenges. 3 were here. To learn more and for a free at or near your home consultation with your dog, please contact Becky at (250) 686-3794 or … Elinor – Dual Purpose K9. … Depending on the age of the dog, the journey will differ slightly, but each dog must pass several steps before graduating with its warrior. Dude is a high energy 15-month rescue puppy. Copyright © 2020 Confident K9s Dog Training - All Rights Reserved. Your relationship with your dog is our priority! Concepts such as optimism, focus, flexibility, self control, tolerance of frustration, managing arousal and calmness. Help them know the boundaries and what behaviours get great rewards! My goal as a K9 trainer and behaviorist is to teach you the skills to raise a confident, respectful, obedient, and, most important, a happy member of your family. The Confident K9 provide force free 1-1 & group dog training & puppy training classes by professional & qualified dog trainers. She is a work in progress, training is a 24/7 commitment! At Man-K9 we prepare the student with a variety of agitation methods that will be helpful in developing a solid confident street dog as well as a dependable, controllable K9. New puppy? Irros will be a great asset to any police or sheriff department looking for a Police K-9. Innovative, fun, games-based training which will sky rocket your relationship with your companion, whilst teaching them valuable life skills such as loose lead walking, recall, calmness, optimism, self-control and flexibility. She came with a few issues, let me tell you!! Copyright © 2020 Confident K9s Dog Training - All Rights Reserved. This package can help you tackle some of the most common issues such as separation related behaviour, resource guarding, fear/lack of confidence, destructive behaviour and toilet training. Obedience classes, Board & Trains and more. Training will be fun!! 2. Do you spend more time frustrated or embarrassed by your dogs behaviour, than you do spending quality time together? COVID update: J9's K9s Dog Training has updated their hours and services. This is one of the healthiest dog … This short course does not teach sit, stay, down - anyone can look up how to do that on YouTube! Precious K9s offers professional dog training that provides our K9s with a set of skills and a better understanding of our world. Their specialised disciplines include tracking humans, rhino tracking, contraband detection training, protection training and apprehension training. Dog Training and Behavior Modification at your home. 90 minutes duration. All dogs deserve great dog trainers! More on the myth: Why dominance theory is not true. Meet Dude. A totally individual training needs assessment, demonstration of training and follow up with a detailed training plan. Through rigorous and on-going training we ensure our team members are always up to date on the best training practices and industry needs. Hi, my name is Trina Carr, founder and head trainer of Confident K9 Training, Redding, CA. Becoming a K9s For Warriors service dog is a more intricate process than most may think. Trina Carr – Founder and Head Trainer – Confident K9 Training, Redding, CA. But age, as with all of us, brings its own set of challenges! The student will be instructed in the use of various techniques to bring out the best in every dog through the use of the most modern canine … Where new environments/people or dogs are met with optimism - not fear! We also specialize in training "working-class" dogs, service dogs, and especially police K9s (check out our Protection Dog Training page). Pet owners gain control over their dogs when exposing them to other animals, public spaces and walking on a leash. I am a registered nurse and mad about dogs, their welfare and training!! We set you up for success before any problems become embedded. Professional Dog Training to Your Rescue! I am committed to helping you achieve a wonderful, fun and rewarding relationship with your dog. Where relationship is everything! AKC CGC,CGCA, CGCU and Trickdog Evaluator. Specializing in Social and Confident Police and Personal Protection K9s ... A Social Dog is a Confident Dog. We help you to get the foundations right and build a happy, confident, well-adjusted young dog. 12/25/2019 . Would you like to let your dog off lead, confident that they will always return to you when called? We cover Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourbridge, Kingswinford & Bromsgrove areas There are a multitude of training styles, methods, and philosophies out there, all of which have their pros and cons. Adopting a rescue dog - one of the most rewarding and most challenging situations you can face. Dave's patience, guidance and above all his incredible talent got us to where we are now. I am a Pro Dog Trainer, certificated with Absolute Dogs, fully insured and am Canine First Aid qualified. Does your dog just want to play with other dogs and ignore you whilst on your walks? I am a registered nurse and mad about dogs, their welfare and training!! Merry Christmas from our pack to yours! Powerhouse K9 offers both on-site and in-home training. We recognize you are seeking professional help to support you, so you can feel more comfortable and confident with your dog. SAFETY - when it comes to things like training a dog off leash or managing a dog that has reactivity issues, there is no other safer option than proper E collar training. He began training our puppy Winston at 16 weeks and 5 months later, we have the dog of our dreams! I've been there! If you are unable to manage your dog’s behavior, you put yourself, your pup, and the people nearby under immense stress and risk of accidents. Puppy / Dog Training Package. A well-trained dog is happier and more confident in new situations. An hour at the dog park can also give it an ample amount of off-leash exercise. Here are the team members, each with their own talents and … Puppy Raising. Dog training is an essential part of raising a well mannered member of your family. We are committed to continuing our professional development, bringing you the latest, most up to date, innovative methods of achieving real life training results. She is a very much loved member of our family. Where you can confidently have your dog off-lead (in a safe space), as you know they'll want to run back to you when called! It also teaches owners to understand and communicate with their dogs. I am honored to have been able to help so many overwhelmed dog … Hi, my name is Claire, owner of Confident K9s Dog Training. He and his dog mom are very appreciative of the emotional support training from K9s From Carrie. Whatever your need, we strive to exceed your expectations with transparent, pet-centered care. Where your dog wants to focus on you and have fun! ... Our emphasis is on positive training where a dog is motivated to work at his optimal capability. 2012 – Present 8 years. Our Trainers are NDTF accredited and have helped countless owners on the Sunshine Coast train their K9s just like yours!

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