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Mt. Gilead Mission Trip 2019

At The Clinic: Worm Bellies and Newborns

Daily work at the clinic continues with treating children with “worm belly.”  This is a condition where someone actually has a belly filled with worms. Their belly becomes large and swollen.  Recently, Amy has treated several children who have come to the clinic with  abscesses that need to be drained and wounds that need to be sutured.
Amy also examines may newborns. She loves being able to hold the newborn babies and make sure that everything checks out with them medically. Once the examination is done, Amy writes a letter so the mother can receive a birth certificate for the baby.
The Honduran people in the mountain generally wait a long time after the birth of a baby to give them a name. Many times the reason is that families does not have ideas for names for their children. One of the most fun jobs at the clinic is helping the families by creating a list of names for them to choose from so their child will have a name.