Books and School

The Dominican Republic education system is ranked at the bottom on a list of 72 countries, including Haiti. Public schools here are places of chaos where learning is difficult. There is only one bookstore in Santo Domingo, a city of 4 million people! That makes access to reading material quite scarce. Our minister’s wife said most children do not know how to read until they are thirteen years old. Words cannot describe how excited I was when Park Plaza Christian Church gave us funds to purchase DK Eyewitness books. While these books are not in Spanish, they will help the children learn things because they use pictures to show the children things they have never seen.

Naturally, we will use these books with the children at home, but Toby’s role of teaching at the schools presents another opportunity. The kids and I will accompany Toby to a public school, and while he is teaching the Bible in one class, we will look at books with the students in a different class and explain what the book is about. We are also using the books on Sunday morning after we have our Bible lesson (services are two hours long). The kids love the books and eagerly look forward to library time.