April Newsletter 2012

Soccer is the main sport of Honduras. While many Hondurans spend a lot of time watching or playing the sport, very few have ever been trained in the techniques or drilled in the basics of the game.
Honduras was recently in the 2012 World Cup for the first time in 25 years. Hondu- ras could be a much bigger contender in professional soccer if they trained their youth in the technical skills of soccer.
April 2012
Jesse, Riley and Troy
We were excited to recently have Riley Morgan, Troy Smith and Jes- se Smith visit with us for a week from Indiana to conduct a soccer camp. They spent the week training the students from two local elementary and high schools in soccer techniques and drills. At the end of the week there was a tournament in the mountain, and other schools were invited to play. There was a noticeable improvement in
Running drills at soccer camp
the players from the soccer camp. The two schools that were part of the soc- cer camp took first and second place in the tournament.
While Riley, Troy and Jesse were here they also had a youth night. The youth had a great time playing on the trampoline and playing games. The guys formed some great relationships and did an excellent job! We are proud of the work they did here.
Kids attending soccer camp
Updates on the mission and clinic
• We are so excited that the Penitas church is starting to mentor the younger women in the church. One of the young ladies is Yaneri Rodriguez, who got married as soon as she turned 16 years old. Yaneri comes from a very bad family. Julia is slowly taking her through the book of Prov- erbs sharing God’s wisdom and will for our lives. Please pray for Yaneri that she can grow in her faith and in wisdom.
• We recently had a pizza party for Toby’s students. They had a great time watching movies, playing on the trampoline and eating pizza. Toby told his students that he would like to send them to Colegio Biblico, if they work to get their high school diploma. Three of his students are now work- ing hard toward that goal. Toby is currently teaching the books of Acts and 1 & 2 Corinthians.
• We were blessed to have a medical brigade come to the mountain. We are grateful to the Ruth Paz foundation for allowing the brigade to work with us. We were able to see over 300 pa- tients. One lady had a serious hernia that needed immediate surgery. She is at home recovering. Another little toddler touched a hot motorcycle receiving 2nd degree burns. He received treatment from the doctors. Ariel, the son of the minister from the Penitas church, had been diagnosed with needing brain surgery. A Neurosurgeon from the brigade was able to look at a CT scan we recently had done on Ariel and diagnosed the problem. Ariel will now not need surgery.
• Amy had a one month old, full term baby come to the clinic weighing 4 lbs. The mother was only feeding him rice water. The baby’s skin was starting to break down and become infected due to malnutrition. Please pray for this baby.
• Another one of our boy patients fell off the steps at his house and rammed a stick through his eye pushing the eye out of the socket. We were able to get the boy transportation to the hospi- tal. The doctors said he will be fine and will not lose his eye or his sight. What a blessing!
Amy’s residency
After 4 years of many set backs and legal work, Amy finally has her permanent Honduran residency! Residency in Honduras is very important. Each person is required to keep their residen- cy card on them at all times. At any time, the Honduran police can ask to see your residency card. To use any type of credit card or do business you are required to show your residency card. Also, you cannot get a Driver’s License with out a Residency Card.
Honduran law requires that if you do not have a Residency Card that you leave the country each month for a specific amount of time and then re-enter the country. Amy had a special paper from the Honduran government that gave her permission to stay in the country, but the paper had to be renewed each month.
The main problem throughout this process was that Amy’s first residency (according to the old law) was under her maiden name. The new Honduran law states that your residency and pass- port must match in names. Due to the coup there have been, and continue to be, many changes in the government. There was a lot of confusion with the government on how to go through the legal process to change the residency status from Amy’s maiden name to her married name.
After a long process with the Honduran government, Amy received her Residency Card last month. Thank you for your continued prayers during this process. We are so thankful that the pro- cess is over and everything is now legal.
Our Prayer Requests
* Safety, protection and provision. * Toby’s Spanish. * Wife for Leonel. * Jonathan’s speech to improve.
* Malnourished baby. * Yaneri’s discipleship.
* Amy’s residency is complete. * Medical brigade was able to see approximately 300 patients. * Medical brigade was able to leave the mission a large supply of medication for clinic. * Ariel does not need surgery and should lead a normal life. * There have been three baptisms since the beginning of the year.
Mission cnd clinic needs
* Funds to repair white truck ($1500). * Chairs for the Penitas Church. * Two pianos, one for each of the churches. * Fans for the church as it is very hot in the building most of the year. *Fetoscope, Litman Stethoscope, and new blood pressure cuff. *Books in Spanish.
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Many thanks for your continued support and prayers!