A Horse of a Different Color

We are so grateful that horse riding here is inexpensive enough that Sarah can have lessons. Sarah was the most affected by everything that happened that forced us out of Honduras. The blessings coming from her involvement in these lessons have been amazing. Sarah has gone from being a wallflower to singing in front of others at church and being the leader at her equestrian lessons. She has gone from having low reading comprehension to remembering almost every detail of what she reads. She is now an independent student doing her school work by herself after I have taught her. I have heard a lot about horse therapy over the years but had never experienced it before. I am now a big proponent of equine therapy since I have seen the difference it has made in Sarah’s life.

The owners of the stables where Sarah rides and the stables in Cap Cana came together to hold an international competition in Cap Cana over Independence Day weekend (the end of February). This is the second year they have done so. The horses were a bit distressed from the three-hour trip and because they were not used to performing in an enclosed arena with air conditioning and a high noise level. Many of the riders had problems with their horses as a result. Sarah talked with Blondie, encouraging her, and they performed beautifully. Sarah earned two medals and a trophy from the international tournament. She even got her name in the local newspaper! We are so proud of her.

As an added bonus, the participants and their families were given passes for 2 free activities in Scape Park (the owner of our stables also owns the park). Sarah, of course, chose an hour and a half of horseback riding while Cassandra and Jonathan chose to go on the zip line.