Recently an earthquake hit our church camp cracking the walls of the cabins and destroying the kitchen. Can a church camp function without a kitchen?  If its cabin walls are falling down?  Or if the Dominican feels that the kitchen can’t prepare meals in an up to standards and a safe environment?  Centro Cristiano Mission is faced with this problem.  People do not want to hold a camp where they worry about how safe the kitchen is or if the cabin walls are going to fall down.  This camp serves around 30 churches that Toby works alongside.  They are in desperate need of help.  Would you consider helping raise the $20,000 needed to repair the kitchen and cabin walls?  Would you consider coming down to rebuild the kitchen and reinforcing the cabins’ walls so that the camp can bring others to Christ? This camp supports 30 ministers. If there are no camps then the ministers will have no income and no way to lead their churches.