About Toby and Amy and Family

Toby has had many experiences in life to prepare him for service in the Dominican Republic. He graduated Cincinnati Bible College in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Missions.  As a part of his missions training he traveled to Ukraine and Russia. Three months were then spent in Caracas, Venezuela with the Dye family. Toby served as a youth sponsor at his home church, The Church at Mt. Gilead in Mooresville, Indiana and later as youth minister with the First Christian Church in North Vernon, Indiana.

At New Burlington Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Toby served as chairman of the deacons, chairman of the Youth Ministry Team as well as teacher with children’s worship and Sunday school.

Amy dreamed of serving as a nurse on a foreign mission field from childhood. She started her preparation at Cincinnati Bible College where she received an Associate’s Degree in General Biblical Studies in 1995. Short term mission trips to Haiti, Venezuela and Canada gave her necessary preparation in cross cultural experiences. She has served in churches as a teacher and children’s church leader. Later she gave time to be a teacher and nurse at church camps.

They were married December 23, 1995. In March of 1997 FAME (Fellowship of Associates for Medical Evangelism) accepted them as field workers. In August 1997 Amy received her RN from Christ Hospital School of Nursing in Cincinnati, Ohio.  On arrival in Honduras a month later she began training with Madonna Spratt who had established a clinic in Las Brisas on the North coast of Honduras learning the practical information on operating the Clinica El Merendon as well as training in dealing with tropical disease and tropical medicine.  Toby and Amy then traveled to Antigua, Guatemala for five months of language study at Christian Spanish Academy. In June 1998 they were finally on field in the Merendon Mountains with a home, medical clinic, church building and a four wheel drive Toyota Truck.

In Honduras

Toby and Amy served in the Merendon Mountains for 17 years.Toby trained men in leadership and becoming ministers. 18 men were trained for ministry and the majority is still active.Amy ran a clinic for 56 villages and 15,000 people in the mountain. A gang took over their village forcing Toby and Amy to leave the mountain they love for the safety of their family. They were planning on starting another work in a different part of Honduras in the summer of 2015. Those plans were changed when it became evident it was not safe for them to return to Honduras.

In the Dominican Republic

The Hills currently serve in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Toby works with many mission organizations and churches preaching, teaching, and mentoring.They are the only full time missionaries here with their churches in a city of four million people.Toby is the only one that travels to preach and teach where the people live. There are so many men hungry to understand the Word more fully so that they can meet people’s needs better. Amy currently is staying at home homeschooling her children as she is not allowed to serve medically unless it is under a doctor’s supervision.

Cassandra, Sarah and Jonathan

2017-4Toby and Amy have three children. Cassandra was born January 13, 2001 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is in 11th grade. She loves Netflix, Pinterest, and spending time with family and friends.

Sarah was born April 21, 2004 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She is in 8th grade. Sarah loves anything to do with animals especially horses. She competes in monthly equestrian competitions. Both Cassandra and Sarah hold dual citizenship for the U.S. and Honduras.

Jonathan was born December 29, 2005 in Joplin, Missouri. He is in 5th grade. He is a resident of Honduras. Jonathan loves hiking in the jungle, soccer, playing games with the iPad and xbox, and spending time with family and friends.